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L'emarie provides natural, healthy hair products that nourish and beautify the hair for both women and men. Every ingredient was purposefully hand-selected to deliver a quality product and the best results that we can proudly stand behind. All of our formulas are original and contain unique blends not found in other mass-produced hair care lines. Each item is tested on us, never on animals, to ensure we are constantly delivering hair care products that actually work and meet our standards of helping our customers achieve healthy hair. Our hair treatments combine essential oils, nutrient-rich vitamins, minerals and botanicals to restore and maintain health and vitality in the hair.

Founded by Willy Alejo in 2012 in his New Jersey kitchen, his line was initially inspired by his wife and daughter and his desire to create natural products he could trust for their family to use. The hair care products became wildly popular amongst family and friends and word began to spread of this natural, botanical based hair care line blended with love. Today L'emarie can now reach the mass market and has built a loyal customer base that believes in the power of hair care blended with the finest, high quality ingredients.

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